Tune Up Especial

Forklifts can be difficult to manage on your own. Let us help you eliminate the overwhelming stress in dealing with the equipment. Interlift is your number one forklift source in Mcallen, Tx, and surrounding areas. We offer different maintenance plans to keep your forklift fleet in excellent condition. Your forklifts should run properly to avoid disruption of operations. You can achieve this goal with regular maintenance, which we can provide you. We have helpful yet affordable maintenance solutions that will keep your forklift or the entire fleet safe and efficient.  

In case of repair requirements, we also offer shop repairs. Having damaged parts can be such a hassle, especially considering the potential loss in earnings and time, along with the expenses involved in having the equipment repaired. Our experienced mechanics will make sure your forklift will be up and running in no time. No matter what equipment you may have, small or extremely large, we can repair the engine machine for you at our shop. 

If you only require forklift parts, we can also provide them for you. We have batteries, lights, tires, and radiators for your equipment. We carry an extensive range of Original Equipment Manufacturer , forklift parts, which you can purchase right away. They are always ready and available so that you do not have to wait long to receive the parts. You can check out our inventory list on the website. Interlift also provides employee safety products to make sure the workers remain safe at all times. 

Of course, we will cover all the OSHA safety requirements, which are essential in keeping our employees safe during operating hours. 

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